4 things you didn’t know about solar power

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In 2018, we know that solar power is a popular, beneficial and clean energy option. Whether you already have a system in your home or are thinking about getting a solar system for your business, there is always more to learn when it comes to solar power.


At SunEnergy, we aim to educate the Australian public on the amazing capabilities of solar power. For the curious, environmentally enthusiastic and the solar sceptics, we have curated four things that you probably don’t know about solar power.


Getting Cheaper

The overall price of installing a solar system on your home is decreasing. The more people that are choosing a solar system, the less the price for solar will be, as more manufacturers will be producing the product. For those Australians who have yet to join the party for solar power, it is becoming easier. The price of panels and an inverter are lower, yet there are also more options than ever, with higher-end products available, as well as a more basic range.  


Most Abundant Source on Earth

The sun, as a source of energy, is the most abundant source of power on earth. There is more than 10,000 times the amount of solar than we use today hitting the earth continuously. That is about 173,000 terawatts of energy at any one time. Opening the door for solar use for years to come, the source of this energy is not receding like some traditional forms of power such as fossil fuel burning.


A third of the World’s Energy

The trend is always going up. More and more people and businesses are converting to solar, and at the trajectory, we are going, in the next 40 years, a third of the world’s energy could potentially be solar power. With continuous technological advancements, the solar technology we use will only become more efficient. This means that the number of people using solar, and the amount of power we receive will only increase!


No air or water pollution

While most people know that solar power decreases greenhouse gas emissions, many people don’t consider the decreased pollution to our immediate air and bodies of water. Without the burning of fossil fuels, the emissions that can be harmful to animals and anyone breathing in the immediate air, are non-existent. This shows that solar will help our native wildlife endure, as no air pollution will be experienced as a result.

Now you know a bit more about the benefits and scale of solar power, you should consider this option for your home or business. Call SunEnergy today to organise a quote or ask any questions you may have about this fantastic renewable energy source.