Are you paying too much for energy? Solar power is the answer

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Are you paying too much for energy? Solar power in Adelaide is the answer


The price of running your home or business is an ongoing commitment. You will always need to pay for water, gas and electricity; however, for electricity, in particular, you will be noticing that the price of the power is increasing in South Australia.


One way Adelaide residents are combating the cost of electricity for their homes or businesses is installing solar power systems. Although these arrangements are inherently saving you money by cutting down electricity consumption, there are ways you can further your savings with solar additions.


Set Appliances on timers

The people of Adelaide (and the world) commonly use the most electricity during the hours when the sun is down. One of the ways you can make the most of solar power is by setting your appliances to operate during the day. Whether it is a washing machine, or the dishwasher, rather than turning them on at night when traditional electricity will be used, you can set them to run during the day where power from the solar panels run the appliances.


This is a way to decrease the amount of regular electricity you are consuming, and therefore decreasing your utility bills.  



If you currently live in Adelaide, you may be familiar with the concept of batteries. Yes, solar power will save you money, but a combination of a strong solar system and a solar battery system will save you even more. Solar batteries are charged by the sun’s energy, and they can be used when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Regular solar power drives any excess power that is generated back into the grid.


With batteries, you can use this power for a period when you would otherwise be using electricity. This option is just another way to further decrease the amount you spend on power in Adelaide.



While smaller solar systems will still help you decrease the electricity consumption of your Adelaide home, the size of your system can directly affect your savings. If you want to ensure that you have a system size that will give you enough power to run your home or business during the day, consult the Sun Energy professionals, we come to your Adelaide property and take into account everything from positioning to power consumption. With this information, we can help you decide which how to get the most savings out of your solar system.


If you are starting to think that those energy bills are getting too high, solar can save you money in more ways than one. The possibilities for your Adelaide property to cut down on consumption are endless, and with the right combination of solar components, you can dramatically decrease the amount you spend on bills. For expert advice on how to save through solar power, give the team at Sun Energy a call today!