3 ways dirty solar panels affect my solar systems performance

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 Can dirty solar panels affect my solar systems performance?


It is easy to think that once your solar system is installed, the sun will take care of the rest. However, to make sure you are getting enough power to run your TV, fridge and lights, you should be undertaking regular solar power maintenance for your system.


One thing that dramatically affects the performance of your solar power is dirty solar panels. Without cleaning services, this can affect your Adelaide home in a number of ways, some of which can be costly.


Solar Cells

The solar cells that are a part of your panels operate by light being absorbed by the cells. The more light that is absorbed by the cells, the more power the system has. If dirt, dust, bird droppings or any other grime even marginally covers sections of the panel, the light will not pass through to the cells with the same strength. This is the main reasons for cleaning.


At SunEnergy, we have seen this kind of situation lead to a 30% decrease in efficiency for the entire system. There are cleaning services available that are thorough and diligent, as undertaking this process yourself can be quite unsafe. So, in order to get the most possible sunlight to the solar cells, your panels might be in need of a quick clean.


Less Direct Current

Ultimately, dirty solar cells mean less direct current. This current (DC) is what the solar cells convert the sun’s energy into, this is then delivered to your inverter as part of your system, which switches it to an alternating current (AC) that we use for electrical appliances within our home.


If your solar panels are not operating at the highest efficiency, you will have to get the excess electricity from the grid which will mean that you will not be receiving the same financial benefits of the system.



Finally, although it isn’t based on performance, not cleaning your solar panels can mean voiding your warranty. Warranties are based on placing the highest care possible in the product, so you will have to undertake regular maintenance to ensure that any issue is covered by your warranty. Dirty solar panels, if left in this condition for a while, can begin to suffer from corrosion issues that will not be covered by the product’s manufacturer warranty. So it is absolutely vital to clean these panels regularly.


Rain doesn’t always remove some of the larger objects, and some areas are more prone to dirty solar panels than others. At SunEnergy, we believe that regular maintenance should be undertaken by everyone who wants to get the most out of there system and enjoy it for years to come. To organise a quote, or ask any questions about maintenance your panels may need, call the team today!