4 things to think about when considering commercial solar power.

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4 things to think about when considering commercial solar power.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to owning/leasing commercial property. In South Australia, power bills are increasing, and this semi-regular cost is a stark reality for anyone running a business. A way that commercial property owners have been getting around these costs is considering commercial solar options.


At SunEnergy, we are commercial solar specialists and suggest that this option can save you money on bills, as well as make a large contribution to the country’s renewable energy target. The following are some of the things you should consider if you are moving to solar power.


Solar Finance

Something you should definitely consider about commercial solar power is any available solar finance options. Rather than pay the upfront cost of a solar system for your business, with SunEnergy, you can use our unique Pay-As-You-Save system to pay off your system in instalments. For commercial businesses, using the savings you make by decreasing your utility bills, you will be able to afford the instalments without stress.


In some cases, we have seen entire commercial solar systems paid off in as little as two years, leaving you and your business to reap the financial benefits of an effective solar system.


System size

It is crucial to consider just how big you want your solar system to be. It is pretty easy to get carried away installing panels, and implementing a system that exceeds your requirements. Similarly, we have seen businesses install a system that is too small to run all of the equipment, utilities and machinery inside the business. With SunEnergy, our team of experts will be able to make an educated suggestion as to what size system is best for your situation.


Operating hours

Do you own a cafe? And will be only operating during the daylight, or are you a factory that runs a night shift? This is an important thing to consider, as it may alter the effectiveness of a solar system in your situation. Businesses that operate during the daytime can utilise the sun’s energy and are less likely to draw power from the grid. This means that you save more, and can use the sun at its peak performance. However, businesses that have evening operating times can still utilise solar power.


Battery systems

Many commercial properties have backup generators, and an alternative to this is still available with solar power. A solar battery system is something every business should consider. These batteries are charged with the sun’s power and can be used during the evening as a source of solar power. Coming in a range of different sizes and brands, some batteries can be more effective than others.


When it comes to commercial solar solutions, SunEnergy should be your first point of contact. We can help you get this process started. To organise a consultation, or ask questions, call one of our solar experts today.