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6.6kW solar system


6.6kw Solar Systems – The most popular size?

6.6kw Solar Systems are some of the most frequently installed sizes when it comes to residential households. Over the last few years solar systems in Australia have surged in popularity, the technology has come a long way, as well as improved prices. It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago the size of an average solar system was just 1.5kw with a price of around $40,000! Now in 2021 there are more than 1.5 million Australian households that have made the smart switch to solar!

6.6kw solar systems have become some of the most frequently recommended systems today, but why is this? It comes down to a whole lot of reasons:

6.6kW solar, for small to medium homes

With so many Australian households investing in solar, 6.6kw systems have quickly become one of the most frequently installed system sizes in the residential market!

At SunEnergy we have a team of Solar Experts that will take all of your energy needs into consideration when creating your very own custom solar solution. As the largest solar employer in South Australia we ensure that the highest level of expertise is consistent through our entire team. Each staff member undergoes regular and specific training so that when you are ready to get solar, we can suggest the best system for you.

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When considering solar in Australia, a large part of your decision will depend on the government subsidies available. Currently households are able to apply for the “STC” program, a federal government scheme to reduce the costs of solar systems.

Currently in 2021 the STC price is around $39, meaning that if you were to invest in a 6.6kw solar system right now you could save approximately $3,500! This price can fluctuate at any time so it’s best to get in before its yearly decrease.

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A 6.6kW solar system uses a 5kW inverter and as such these inverters also have the added bonus of being pre-approved for most electricity grid connections! Making the initial connection a lot simpler and helping you get solar more quickly

Looking to go solar? Make sure you go with a CEC accredited installer like SunEnergy that can work with you to find the perfect system for your household. Go solar with zero upfront deposit with our exclusive Pay as You Save program!

*Allowable system sizes and feed in tariffs do vary by state and region. Please consult your local electricity provider or council for more information.

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You can contact us for a free, no-obligation energy assessment. It’ll allow us to better understand your energy requirements, and based on the assessment, we can offer you a detailed proposal. It’ll include energy yield analysis, ROI calculation, and expected savings to help you better understand the benefits of switching to solar.
It depends on the size of the solar system ideal for your energy needs. While most businesses generally do have the required roof space, other alternatives like integrated PV and ground-mounted systems are also available.
SunEnergy offers a unique PAYS program that involves $0 upfront deposit and low fortnightly repayments. We also offer other flexible and affordable payment plans from financiers like Humm and Brighte.

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