Are there alternatives to Solar loans?

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What are the alternatives to Solar loans?

Solar loans are a relatively new and popular concept that allows homeowners who don’t have the capital to purchase a solar system to enjoy solar regardless. At Sun Energy, we are passionate about the implementation of solar on Australian homes and have designed a loan alternative that focuses on providing solar to those who might not have the money up front.

With our unique pay-as-you-save (PAYS) system you can enjoy removed financial demands from installation just as a loan would, but with the added benefit of a tailored plan. Sun Energy has helped hundreds of Australian homes install systems with detailed design and planned payment systems.


Sun Energy’s solar finance system is a fantastic alternative to solar loans. PAYS was designed to give more people the chance to install solar without the financial demand of paying for the system upfront. With solar finance, you can rest assured knowing that you can have your system installed and activated before you need to pay a cent. While a solar loan also involves payments, the repayments for solar finance are designed based on the characteristics of your lifestyle and solar system.

Working with Sun Energy, you know that the amount you are paying isn’t exorbitant, and only involves payments that reflect your energy requirements.


A foundational aspect of solar finance options is the personalised treatment you receive. Each home has its own attributes that affect the system size. At Sun Energy, we work with you to determine exactly what size operating system you need. We have the technological tools to design a system that suits your roof orientation and energy consumption – drawing up a plan that you can view. This will also allow you to visualise how your property will look with panels.

This is part of Sun Energy’s solar finance system. The detailed consultation, design and planning will all occur before your first payment is made – this is the faith that we show in the success of our solar finance system.


Solar finance has been so successful due to its consideration of individual properties. Our team members take into consideration all aspects of your home, and more importantly, your lifestyle. To ensure that you are getting the right system for your demands. Compared to a loan, our priority is with individualised plans and design that suit your location and building.

At Sun Energy, our solar finance options are a fantastic alternative to a lump-sum solar loan. The cooperative process is designed to give you the best value for money, as well as the perfect system for your property. To find out more about solar finance and our systems, call Sun Energy today.