What is the best solar power system for my business?

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Perth’s thriving economy means that brand new businesses with innovative plans and ideas are being launched every single day. One thing that is always considered in the primary stages of a business is the cost of running said business. With solar finance and the vast range of commercial solar options available for businesses, you can utilise the sun’s power for decreased utility bills.


If you are looking into solar power, and are wondering just what you will need to run a commercial solar system, we can tell you that every business is different, and there are a few things you should consider before getting solar.



Whether you work from home, or in a larger metropolitan commercial area, you will need to consider just how easy it will be to install solar panels. The position of your business can mean a number of things, including what size system you can support, how easy it will be to install, and whether solar is a tangible option for you at all. A Sun Energy professional can come to your Perth business and help you determine whether commercial solar will work for you in the long run.



In order to get the most energy from the sun as possible in Perth, there is a particular direction your solar panels must face. Although you can gain power from a number of different positions, there is an optimal direction for the highest level and strength of power. At Sun Energy, we have the data to determine which direction suits your position and can do our best to ensure your commercial property receives as much sunlight as possible.


Solar Finance

Cost is always a consideration. With Sun Energy’s solar finance system (PAYS), getting commercial solar is cheaper than ever. This contributes to your choice of system for your business, and rather than adhering to a strict budget and purchasing a smaller system; you can get a larger system more in line with your needs. A PAYS system with Sun Energy can help your Perth business enjoy the benefits of solar before you even pay a cent toward the system.


Operating hours

To determine which solar power system is best for your Perth business, consider your primary work hours. Commercial solar prices and optimisation can change dramatically depending on when you work. If you’re a cafe, and your primary business operates during the day, you can utilise solar power to a great extent; however, if you work during the evening hours, you can still use solar with a combination of solar batteries and planning.


When you contact Sun Energy for a free quote, one of our consultants will be able to visit you on location and provide a detailed plan for your solar solution. To speak to a Sun Energy solar expert consultant and find out more about solar systems and prices, call Sun Energy today.