How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint? And How Solar Can Make a Big Impact

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How big is your Perth Carbon footprint? 

It is no secret that using solar power in Perth is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. At Sun Energy, we find that there are a lot of home and business owners out there who aren’t entirely conscious of how big their carbon footprint is. Everybody contributes, and if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, we are here to let you know that solar power is the best way to do just that.

No matter whether you are a large commercial property in Perth or a small home, personalised solar systems will not only give you financially sustainability down the line but also allow you to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduce carbon emissions

It is simple: using solar will reduce carbon emissions. In Perth and the rest of the world, the creation of what we understand to be ‘traditional’ electricity inherently releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Solar energy releases absolutely no emissions, so every time you are using solar to power your Perth home you aren’t using a source that is harmful to the environment. A single home choosing to convert to solar power can reduce their carbon emissions by 80%.

If you are wondering what’s wrong with carbon emissions, it is important to know that they heat the planet, pollute the air, and are harmful to natural habitats of animals. Therefore, solar power is the best course of action for those looking to do their part for the longevity of the Earth.

Preserve Fossil Fuels

When it comes to environmental sustainability, everything is consequential. While fossil fuels can be harmful to the environment, they are also incredibly important to the longevity of the planet. Coal and oil are vital to running just about everything from cars to everyday businesses to manufacturing companies. However, they are depleting. A commitment to solar power in Perth will help you do your part to preserve these fossil fuels, and minimise their unnecessary use in homes.

Entirely Renewable

The sun’s energy can be used forever. As long as it’s in the sky, we have a source of power that will not fault or waiver. This makes it a unique energy source, which will allow you to make a continuous sustainable contribution. Although completely removing your carbon footprint is extremely difficult, you will be able to significantly reduce it by implementing solar panels to use for years to come.

At Sun Energy, we are passionate about the environment and aim to help more and more Australians reduce their carbon footprint every day. If you are looking for a simple and ongoing way to do your part for your home or business, solar power is the answer. Call Sun Energy today to organise a quote or consultation.