How Do I Calculate My ROI On Commercial Solar For My Business

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Calculating My ROI On Commercial Solar For My Business

Making the switch to commercial solar in Adelaide is a significant step toward future savings. If you are considering adding solar to your commercial property, for business purposes, you will probably want to know just what return on investment you might see with solar.


Sun Energy’s extensive experience in the commercial solar industry has allowed us to be part of many businesses journeys, where business, profit and sustainability has improved due to the installation of solar power. If you want to know what your ROI might be for solar, look no further.


Potential Savings

Firstly, it is important to understand just how solar will help you save before you calculate a specific ROI. The way that solar will benefit the bottom line of your business is through the numerous ways an efficient solar system can provide you with an ongoing saving solution. In Adelaide, businesses are no stranger to the rising prices of electricity.

Installing a commercial solar system will result in a direct reduction in your utility bills. The savings will then become a profit or can be reinvested in other ways areas of your business whether it be more employees, equipment or refurbishing.

Solar Calculator

Sun Energy has compiled data from the power companies to develop a residential calculator that allows prospecting solar users to calculate their potential savings. Although the selections refer to home sizes, the solar calculator can give you an estimate as to how much a particular size South Australian building can stand to save. For businesses with a limited team, this can be an accurate calculation and allow you to make some vague calculations about whether solar power is a tangible option for your business.


The solar calculator also has a function where you can choose your address and send a copy of your power bill. One of our team will then preview your situation and provide you with some information free of charge!

Professional help

With undisputed knowledge of power rates, consumption and different system efficiencies, Sun Energy can assist. Our team of experts can help you produce an accurate solar budget. We will also help you calculate your return on investment based off of your prior electricity bills, operating hours and business size. This level of cooperation and assistance is exclusive to Sun Energy.

Adelaide businesses looking to truly understand solar from a business perspective should speak to Sun Energy, with all the information you need regarding financing, system prices and savings, it is the best way to understand the ROI for solar.

At Sun Energy, we understand the importance of thinking financially with commercial solar. If you are deciding whether solar is a viable option for your Adelaide business, let our team help you out. To ask about commercial solar in Adelaide, call Sun Energy today.