Calculating the Best Solar Deal

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How Do I Calculate the Best Solar Deal?

If you are considering making the switch to solar, one of the core things that will be on your mind is the savings. At Sun Energy, we understand that potential savings are one of the biggest incentives for switching to solar. Trying to determine exactly what you will save from solar can be tricky. However, the professional solar experts at Sun Energy can use the preliminary stages to estimate how much you will benefit from solar.

There are tools available, such as a solar calculator, and also a range of considerations that need to be made for every Australian property owner that will assist in the development of a solar savings calculation. This process can be confusing, so we are here to guide you through your journey to future savings!

Savings Calculator

Sun Energy offer a more extensive calculation system that involves sending through a recent power bill and home address. One of our team members will then analyse your particular situation and make an even more accurate and personalised estimate about your solar deals and future savings. When you speak to a team member at Sun Energy, they can provide you with the latest information regarding tariffs, and solar products on the market. This way you have access to all of the financial aspects of solar including system price, and future savings.

Things to consider

Every property is different, and therefore, what you stand to save is different as well. Before you commit to solar power, you, and one of the Sun Energy team can make a number of considerations that will affect the price of your system. First of all, the size of your home, both regarding space and residents will affect the amount you save, and the size of your system. Larger homes consequently need larger systems due to increased power consumption. Another thing to consider is solar finance, which will allow you to purchase a larger system and more panels, without having to break the bank. This will allow you to increase your savings down the line.

To ensure you are getting the very best solar deal for your property, it is important to consult a team of trustworthy professionals who know the ins and outs of the solar industry. At Sun Energy, we can help you decide on an option, and design, that is perfect for your property, budget and lifestyle. To organise a quote, or ask about solar calculators, call Sun Energy today.