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Well, your household will benefit most from a kw solar solution.

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Total Savings per month
Based on a kW solar solution, and assuming current market rates.*
Savings in the first year after repayments
After your P.A.Y.S. repayments. Your savings will also increase as the cost of power increases each year.
Savings over 20 years
Assuming projected peak rate less feed-in tariff over a period of 20 years, with a 4.5% annual increase in net savings.

If you do nothing at all, you will spend $3,200.40 on electricity over the finance term, when you could be paying off your SunEnergy system.

*Assuming no change to your current household energy delivery plan, with an estimated cost rise of 12% p.a.*, calculated over the average P.A.Y.S. term of 5 years.

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Based on an average home, we can save you up to

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Your savings will pay for your Solar System PLUS you will save an additional

in the first year!

Your environmental impact will be avoiding

5 tonnes
of CO2 per year, by generating
of electricity per year.

This is the equivalent of planting trees per year!