Can I add extra solar panels to my system with solar finance?

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Using Solar finance to add extra solar panels to a system


Are you becoming obsessed with solar power? Good!

At SunEnergy we love seeing everyday Australians make a commitment to renewable energy. If you are one of the enthusiastic solar power-consumers who just can’t get enough of the sun’s power, you might be considering adding more panels to your system.


Adding solar panels is a great way to increase the amount of power you are receiving from the sun. In many cases, this is possible, and there are a few different variant options for doing so.


Just Add Panels

If you have the space and budget, the easiest (and most common) way of adding panels is simply placing more with your existing system. For this to be possible, however, the current inverter you have must have a high enough kilowatt per hour capacity to take and convert the extra energy.


Our solar professionals at SunEnergy will be able to tell you just how many panels you can have based on your system size in the initial stages of consultation, and if it is more than what you can currently afford, you can always add panels down the line.


Add Panels and Inverters

Another way to increase the size of your system is to add more panels as well as a larger inverter. This would be the option for those who wish to receive more power but have already installed the maximum amount of panels for their inverter. By installing an inverter with a larger capacity, you will be able to support more panels, and therefore once again reach the maximum capacity of the inverter.


Add another system

For homeowners with pools, or who don’t want to disrupt the current rebates they get from an older system, adding a second system could be an option. With small inverters and SunEnergy’s exclusive Pay-As-You-Save solar finance system, this is definitely possible. With an additional inverter and more panels, you can dramatically increase the capacity of your solar system, an option that is common for commercial properties, which have been known to double their capacity after the initial installation.



The obvious restrictions prohibiting the addition of the more panels to your system are space and budget. While budget can be avoided with SunEnergy’s PAYS system, space is more restrictive. To fix your panels with security, a certain amount of roof space is required. Similarly, you want your panels to be placed in an optimal direction, and therefore only certain parts of your house are applicable.

In the majority of cases, you can add more panels to your solar system to increase the amount of solar power you can use in your home. Whether you need to add an inverter, or just add panels, SunEnergy can help you out. For more information regarding optimisation, PAYS and everything relating to solar finance, contact SunEnergy today.