How can Commercial Solar Power Benefit my Adelaide Business?

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Commercial Solar Power Benefits

In Adelaide, more and more businesses are making the switch to commercial solar power. If you are a business owner considering making the switch to a clean and sustainable energy source, you might be asking yourself exactly what are the benefits of commercial solar power. Well, never fear! Because solar power can not only save you money, but it can help you contribute to a healthier environment.

Energy Bills

One of the inevitable (and sometimes staggering) realities of running a business in Adelaide, is utility bills. This exorbitant expense has unfortunately led to the demise of many businesses in South Australia. With a solar energy system from SunEnergy, you can make a significant reduction in the overall cost of your electricity. Depending on what kind of system you implement, and what hours your business is active in, you can avoid electricity bills altogether. Using a system that generates excess power with a battery storage component can mean that you will be able to run off of solar power even when the sun is down, preventing your electricity needs at night coming from the grid.

The money you save by not receiving your power from the grid will recoup the upfront cost of your solar system. Once this is paid off (in some businesses this can happen in as little as two years), you will minimise the ongoing costs of running a business.

Blackout Protection

Some industries, such as healthcare and hospitality, cannot afford to lose power. Although many companies spend on backup generators to combat blackouts, solar power with battery systems is a great way to ensure that you have uninterrupted power 24/7. With life support technologies, a second of an interrupted power supply can have fatal consequences. Therefore solar has become an answer for many Australian health facilities.

With perishable items such as food supplies, a blackout can mean the loss of refrigeration and a significant loss of food stock. This can also lead to a decrease in business as supplies may be depleted for a select day’s trade. A solar battery system can ensure that as long as enough power is generated, that these items can remain refrigerated.

Reduce emissions

Finally, the obvious benefit of a solar system is its overwhelming positive effects on the environment. If you are looking for a final incentive to make the switch to solar power, consider how reducing your carbon emissions makes a significant contribution to the overall well being of the atmosphere. Going solar will also preserve the planet’s precious fossil fuels, so if you think that one company going solar won’t make a difference, think again!

If you are a business who wants a commercial solar power solution but cannot afford the upfront cost, SunEnergy offer a Pay As You Save (P.A.Y.S) program where the savings on your electricity bills are used to pay off the overall price of the system. To organise a quote for your business, give the team at SunEnergy a call today.