Can I get finance for my solar power system?

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Solar Finance Programs

With solar systems in Australia, SunEnergy has implemented a solution for combating the upfront costs of solar power that is helping hundreds of Australian’s switch to solar power. The solar finance program labelled P.A.Y.S. (pay as you save), designed to give more Australian’s an option to switch to solar power, regardless of their budget. This kind of solar financing option could be the solution for you, and if you aren’t sure specifically want it entails, we have you covered.


No Upfront Cost

The main draw-card of the PAYS program is $0 upfront cost. The price of solar panels and the rest of the system to purchase and install can be deterring. However, with PAYS you pay off the system in instalment payments, so a lack of capital doesn’t have to stop you from switching to solar. This plan is appealing to many homeowners, as you will start to reap the benefits of the solar system before you have spent a cent.


No Paperwork

SunEnergy will handle all of your paperwork, so you don’t need to stress about all of the red tape that might come with the implementation of this system. PAYS will ensure that you can focus on the most important thing, which is your new solar system. This limited hassle is another reason Australian’s are using solar finance through SunEnergy.


No deposit

Not only is there no upfront cost for the new solar system, but you don’t even need to put down a deposit on the system. This is the trust SunEnergy has in the process, and how their experience with solar energy has determined that there will also be savings from limited electricity bills in the long run.



Most importantly, this finance scheme is designed so that the money you will be saving by not having to pay electricity bills will be used to make the payments on your system periodically. So if you can afford to pay your bills, you can afford to pay off your solar system. Therefore, once the system is paid off, there is money that you will save consistently.



If you’re concerned about how to organise the process, for the ease of the customer, PAYS can be organised entirely over the phone or even online. Once again, this is designed for functionality and ease. Through this process, SunEnergy will be able to coordinate your brand new solar system easily and efficiently so you can enjoy the benefits as soon as possible.


Solar finance gets no better than the Pay As You Save program. It is the best option available for homeowners with limited budgets looking to make the switch to a clean and renewable energy source. If you would like to organise a PAYS solar system with SunEnergy, visit the website today.