How can I get my solar system installed now, with solar finance?

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Looking for Solar Finance in Brisbane?

Living in Brisbane, you may be considering capitalising on the beautiful Brisbane sun and installing solar panels. With an increased popularity, this form of renewable energy has numerous environmental and financial benefits.


Although there are significant positives, one of the things that deter homeowners from buying a solar system is the upfront cost. At Sun Energy, we offer a unique system for homeowners that won’t restrict them financially. Called PAYS (pay as you save), this solar finance system in Brisbane was designed so that more people can get the most out of the sun’s energy!


Pay with savings

The way PAYS works is by paying small installments on your solar system over a period until it is ultimately paid off. Depending on the size of your system, the payment duration varies, however in some commercial cases, entire systems can be paid off in as little as two years.


This process begins with an extensive consultation with the professionals at SunEnergy. A solar expert will design a unique system that is suited to your home size, energy consumption and budget. Once this is complete, it is as simple as determining a payment method scheme that works for everyone involved, then installing the system. This process is quick and will have you reaping the environmental and financial benefits of solar ASAP.


No upfront cost

There is absolutely no deposit or upfront payment with PAYS. This was implemented so that home or business owners without significant savings can still implement a solar power system. If you are in the group of Brisbane residents who are struggling with exorbitant power bills, you will have the option to switch to clean energy immediately, as the repayments are calculated through the savings you make from your reduced electricity bill.


If you can pay your bills…

Our theory is that if you can pay your electricity bills, you can utilise PAYS. The repayments you make on the solar system will amount to approximately the money you are saving on your electricity bills. This means that you are not digging into your pockets to pay off your solar system.


Once this system is entirely paid off, this will be a direct saving, and you can look to the future knowing you are paying significantly less for power in Brisbane.


So, with PAYS solar finance system, you can absolutely get a solar power system installed in Brisbane right now! The reassuring consultation phase will make sure that you are getting the absolute most out of your system within the financial constraints you may have. Once this system is paid off, you will be set for years to come!


Give SunEnergy a call today to organise solar finance for your Brisbane home or business.