Can I install a separate solar system to run my pool equipment?

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Installing a separate solar system to run my pool equipment


The hot Australian summer means two things: lots of sun, and the dire need for a swim to cool off. Both of these things can be utilised with a solar system that runs your pool equipment. This common combination is a great way to ensure that your pool is running smoothly on the days you need it most.


At Sun Energy, we are here to tell you that if you are implementing a pool, you can install a separate solar system from the one that you use in your home to run it. There are a few reasons for doing this, both of which are common in South Australia.



Feed-in tariffs were/are a government incentive where you are reimbursed for every kilowatt your solar system produces that goes back into the power grid. Rates fluctuate, and the scheme was developed to reach a sustainable energy target. So for solar systems that were implemented before 2011, you could receive nearly 30 cents per kilowatt per hour for the excess power you generate.


If you are in this fortuitous situation but want to use solar to run your system, you cannot make common alterations to your current system without voiding the rebate. For example, to run a large system sometimes inverters need to be upgraded, however, if you are receiving this incentive, then you would need to install a completely new system. Therefore, this is a reason that homeowners choose to install a separate system to run things like the pool equipment.


Limited output

The other reason that would lead you to install a separate solar system would be the limited capacity of your existing system. If you have an inverter that has a limited capacity that is being met with the number of panels you have in your home, it is impossible to run more panels without changing the inverter.


Rather than attempt to alter your system, you can purchase a separate, smaller system for your pool equipment that has the right amount of output for running the equipment.


For those who cannot add more panels to their roof to produce enough power to run their pool equipment, a separate system is also a solution.


If you consult a professional, like the members of our team at SunEnergy, you will be able to determine the optimum output for the running requirements of your home pool. It is entirely possible to implement a separate system for your pool, and if you are in a situation where this is an absolute necessity, we can help! To ask about PAYS or our solar work in South Australia, give the team at Sun Energy a call.