How can my solar system help the environment?

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The environmentally conscious homeowners in Adelaide are constantly looking for ways to help the environment. Whether this is through minor lifestyle changes, or something more considerable, solar is one of those options that keeps coming up. At SunEnergy, we think that a commitment to solar power is the perfect way to make a considerable positive contribution to the overall well being of our environment.


If you have a solar system in Adelaide or are considering installing one, we are here to tell you just how that system helps the environment.


Continuous power

Any renewable energy source such as wind, hydro and solar are extremely beneficial to the environment. Put simply; these sources never run out. Compared to fossil fuel-based power sources, which requires oil and coal for use, solar will work as long as the sun is in the sky! Renewable energy sources are 100% clean, and using the power for your home releases absolutely no carbon emissions.


This will preserve these minerals and fuels that are depleting and require mining and burning to create electricity. The more people who switch to a renewable source, the fewer emissions we create.


Decreasing carbon emissions

It is a well-known fact that greenhouse gas emissions are harmful to the environment, There is research that suggests that these emissions, as they increase, heat the planet, which has dramatic implications for our atmosphere. Your solar system doesn’t require the same energy as traditional means, which means that as you convert to solar power, the state’s carbon emissions are marginally decreased. The more people that convert to renewable energy, the fewer emissions we release into the atmosphere.



Renewable Energy Certificates are another way that the solar system in your home can help the environment. Not only can you make your contribution to the environment, but RECs allow you to help others make that contribution. Allocated based on the output of your system, these certificates are sold (commonly back to your retailer) or to others. This allows someone who doesn’t have a solar system to enjoy the benefits of solar power.


The sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you will be able to enjoy the sun’s power for years to come. The environmental benefits of solar power are unlike no other, and at SunEnergy, we are passionate about green energy, and go above and beyond to ensure your contribution to a more sustainable environment is as significant as possible.

If you are considering installing a solar power system, we can help. Our team of experts can help you determine which solar solution works best for your home, budget and lifestyle. To organise a free quote, or calculate your potential savings, visit SunEnergy’s website today.