Can SunEnergy install solar power on my farm?

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Farming and Solar Power


In Australia, our agricultural enterprises and contributions are the backbone of our economy. For all of the hard-working farmers out there, we know that running a farm has its issues. SunEnergy is here to help you, as a great way to help with the expenses of a farm, and help you make a contribution to the longevity of our atmosphere, is to install solar.


SunEnergy is committed to helping Australian farmers who are looking to switch to solar power and are here to tell you that this is not only possible but extremely beneficial.


Power consumption

A reality of agriculture is that the entire farming process requires a lot of machinery and electricity. This can lead to significant utility bills, which can be damaging to the overall functionality of your property. In order to combat the price that comes with massive power consumption, you should be considering solar.


A solar system with sufficient size will be able to cover some of the power consumption you require. This will result in lower power bills with the same undisturbed power you would receive from a traditional grid.


Decreased limitations

Solar in a metropolitan application has limitations in terms of space. Often, this is concerned with roof space, and how your panels may affect your neighbours. On farms, the limitations are less likely to affect the desired size of your system. With more space and no neighbours to worry about, you will be able to add a large number of panels if you want to.


Battery systems

If you want to be separate from the grid, you can install a solar battery system to provide a failsafe if your power goes out. This alternative to a generator is charged from the sun’s power, and rather than taking excess power and putting it back into the grid; the battery will save it for use during the night. Batteries will allow farmers to enjoy solar power without the stress of looming blackouts.



If you are on a farm chances are you will want to install a solar system of considerable size. The cost may deter you, however at SunEnergy; we will be able to help with the price of the system, by offering a solar finance option.

Our PAYS system means that there is no upfront cost for your solar system, and you pay off your solar system in installments with the money you would be saving from your utility bills. This means that farmers won’t have to dig deep into their pockets to enjoy solar!

At SunEnergy, we can help you install a larger, high-capacity solar system for your farming property. With solar finance systems, and years of combined experience, we know what will work best for your property. Call our team today to ask any solar questions you may have and organise a quote.