What are my Commercial Solar Power Alternatives in Adelaide?

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An essential component when considering the functionality of commercial solar power is thinking about the alternatives and determining how these stack up compared to solar. Particularly with commercial industries in Adelaide, this consideration will determine how solar panels can affect your business compared to traditional energy sources. The following outlines how, compared to traditional power alternatives, solar provides an efficient and sustainable solution to all of your power needs.

Grid electricity can incur a significant amount of problems for businesses compared to sustainable solar power. The traditional alternatives to solar can have serious effects on the ability and output of the business, especially if the area is susceptible to blackouts. This can affect both perishable stock, and power security such as generators, which both incur financial consideration.


Particularly in hospitality, a blackout as a result of power to the grid can mean thousands of dollars worth of perishable items are lost. This is the same with grocery stores, food distributors and cafes. With solar power systems, this blackout will not affect your source of power if you have some form of battery storage system implemented.


Factories and manufacturing companies that are filled with heavy machinery can lose vital business hours through blackouts which will render the machine immobile for an unknown period. This can lead to a significant financial loss in the busiest times of the year. Compared to the traditional power alternatives, solar of adequate size and output with battery storage can ensure that you avoid these blackouts, therefore saving you the money lost with potential blackouts.


Numerous businesses are relying on alternatives to clean energy by trying to combat blackouts by purchasing a large backup generator. This is an exorbitant expense and one that can be avoided by investing that money into a primary energy alternative like solar and storage.


With a regular solar system, your power will still be shut off in the event of a blackout, as the system is still connected to the grid for safety reasons. The way to combat this is to install solar battery storage systems that will not be disrupted in a blackout.

Not only are the commercial solar alternatives more susceptible to a blackout that could cost your business in the long run, but solar can be a cheap alternative. With the rising prices of electricity, particularly in Adelaide, the upfront cost of installing commercial solar is relatively low. Without paying electricity prices, especially with large businesses, the upfront cost of solar can be recouped extremely fast by taking the money that would be contributing to your electricity bills and using it to pay off your system. This means that you can ensure the stability of your business without spending your complete budget.

Without stressing about the loss of productivity you may experience with blackouts, solar should be your choice for clean energy. Its ability to sustain and store power is unparalleled when compared to traditional power sources and is a cost-effective solution for the security and longevity of your business. If you are thinking about switching to solar energy, give the team at SunEnergy a call.