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Why SunEnergy Commercial?

There’s no silver bullet. Each business has different needs and usage profiles therefore, we take a three step, consultative approach to create your empowered solution;

Finance Qualification




These three steps clarify where you currently use and, possibly waste, the most power… identifying and addressing issues that negatively impact on expected results. We offer proven ways to reduce consumption without impacting day to day operations, while showing how you can generate your own power to further supplement your energy needs.

If required, we’ll liaise with administrators to ensure your full benefit of incentives, arranging finance packages to minimise capital requirement impact.

Your outcome? Greater understanding of energy usage means expenditure control that also protects you from future increases. That’s how SunEnergy Commercial empowers you… and Australia.

Step 1. Measure your usage


Our energy consultant will visit for a brief meeting and site inspection. Here, we’ll understand how you operate, identify your desired outcomes and detail our process and timeframes.

To facilitate this, please be ready with your;

  • Hours of Operation
  • Key Contacts
  • 12 Months of billing from your electricity provider
  • Site access for a brief inspection

After the initial consultation and agreement to proceed, we’ll arrange a comprehensive Energy Audit conducted by a qualified auditor.

Energy Audit

At this point SunEnergy Commercial will provide (as required);

  • Site Specific Risk Assessment
  • Power Factor analysis & Report
  • Site specific product selection & recommendations
  • Equipment & Plant assessment
  • Tailored, easy to understand proposal detailing savings
  • 25 Year cash flow forecast
  • Complete system design by our in-house, CEC accredited, designer
  • Preparation of Low Interest finance options
  • Application to SA Power Networks for small embedded generator approval
  • Tariff & meter assessment + consultation with SA Power Networks + written confirmation

Step 2. Reduce your consumption

Knowing your operation, how and why you use your power, and your site landscape, we’ll recommend ways you can reduce consumption. Using proven technologies, with no operational change, we ensure you’ll cut your power consumption without impacting on business.

Products & services we recommend include;

  • LED Lighting
  • Solar Power
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Soft Starters

Step 3. Generate your power

At SunEnergy Commercial we use detailed software that optimizes the size, orientation & design of your solar system. After calculating all reduction measures, we’ll map your interval data, or a modelled consumption profile, then over-lay this to compare our solar generation profile.

The result is a complete picture of your energy consumption and, more importantly, the optimum size system your business requires to gain maximum benefit. We can also detail your expected savings and ROI. Using proven market leading quality energy products, we ensure objectives are always met. Of course, this is backed with industry leading warranties and standards.

Become an empowered SunEnergy Commercial client, here.

Trusted Brands

You can tell a brand by the company it keeps. And SunEnergy’s partners are world class leaders.

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  • “Was such an easy process from start to finish. Any queries were dealt with promptly. The installation team were excellent and took the time to work through the installation with me. They made sure the set up was the best that could be done at the site, maximising the output of the system. Really positive experience all round.” Travis How on Google Reviews
  • “I hardly had any questions, because they answered the questions that normal people would have. I’ve got no problem recommending them to anybody.” Linda – Windsor Gardens, SA
  • “The guys at SunEnergy just seemed very confident in what they’re doing, and confident in their product. There was no pressure – you make the decision in your own time.” Ashley – Globe Derby, SA
  • “The pay as you save system was perfect for us, and for anyone that can’t afford to buy it outright, I highly recommend that this is the way to go.” Paul – Sheidow Park, SA