Comparing Solar Loans with Solar finance

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Solar Loans vs Solar finance

In South Australia, there has been a lot of talk lately about solar loans. At Sun Energy, we believe that our long-standing solar finance system – PAYS, is the answer to any solar queries or concerns you may have. While governments provide capped-price loans, at Sun Energy, we have designed a system that allows you to pay off your brand new solar system in increments – specific to your needs.

The benefits of converting to solar are obvious, and often what prohibits people is the price. If you want to enjoy the benefits of solar power in Adelaide, and you don’t have the capital to purchase an entire system up front, inquire about Sun Energy’s pay-as-you-save system.

Individualised payments

The flexibility and structure of solar finance are what separates this payment option from solar loans. At Sun Energy, we understand that every home is different. When it comes to position, energy consumption, and budget, no two homes are alike. With this in mind, we have designed our PAYS system to embrace these characteristics. The system will be designed based on the system that is right for your property in terms of size. Smaller homes need a smaller system, and your payments will be calculated based on the amount you will save from its installation.

Commonly, if your power bill can be paid, so can the payments on your system. However, they will be tailored to suit your system size and savings.

Solar Calculator

We are confident in our savings, and that is why we offer solar finance models to our clients. With diligent research and data collection into energy prices and solar efficiency around the country, we have created a calculator to help you determine what you can save with solar. This tool helps property owners estimate what a solar finance repayment system will look like.

Simply inputting your location and home size gives a ballpark figure for you to consider. However, Sun Energy offers more efficient personalised calculations. We can take your street address and your most recent power bill and research your potential future savings.

Working with the professionals to design a solar finance plan is the essential way to ensure that your system size is catered to your needs. There are many considerations that are made in the design phases of a system, all of which are crucial to optimisation.

While solar loans are a great way to increase the state’s commitment to renewable energy, at Sun Energy, we believe that solar finance gives you an option that is unique to your position and demands. With varying repayments based off your savings, you can see the benefit of solar power without stressing about paying off the system entirely. Once the system is paid off, these savings are yours to enjoy. For information about solar finance options, contact Sun Energy today.