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How Does Being Energy Smart Cut Power Consumption?

If those Adelaide power bills are getting too much to handle, it might be time to make some changes around the house. At Sun Energy, we help Adelaide homeowners decrease their power consumption by implementing solar panels, but also provide advice as to what everyday changes you can make to make a difference to your overall power consumption.

With a combination of subtle changes and a potential commitment to solar power, you can save yourself from the stress and strain of Adelaide electricity bills. If you are considering getting solar with solar finance to help with the weight of bills, or you are just looking for some advice, Sun Energy can help.

Household alterations

There is a long list of things you can do around the house to help decrease your electricity bills. One of the simple things you can do is to remember to turn off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use. Leaving things like the TV or lights on will continue to increase your power consumption and therefore increase your bills.

You can also implement energy-efficient appliances based on their star rating. This rating suggests how power-hungry and efficient things like fridges, ovens and light bulbs actually are. While some are more expensive to replace, nowadays installing low-energy light bulbs is a cost-effective alteration.

Finally, another thing you can do is to insulate your Adelaide property. Insulation will mean that you will need to spend less time heating and cooling your home for comfort, and therefore use less power during the harsher months.


Solar power is one the best ways to be energy smart and decrease your Adelaide power bills. In conjunction with energy saving practices and solar power, there are other considerations that can be made that will further your savings!


Solar power is a daytime energy source, so one thing you can do to avoid going to the grid for power is to set your appliances such as the washing machine and the dishwasher to run during the day. This will result in further decreasing power consumption.


At Sun Energy, we recommend our solar systems come with solar batteries. These devices allow you to use more of the sun’s power then you otherwise would, once again dramatically decreasing the amount of power you have to retrieve from Adelaide’s electrical grid.


Obviously, if you are looking to cut down on power consumption for financial reasons, the idea of purchasing a solar system can be deterring. However, at Sun Energy our unique solar finance systems are fantastic and allow Adelaide homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar without any upfront cost.

Solar power is a fantastic way to decrease your power consumption. A Sun Energy-installed system combined with energy smart tactics will give you savings and allow you to decrease your carbon footprint. To cut your power consumption with a solar power system, call Sun Energy today.