What difference do Solar Inverters make?

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Do Solar Inverters Make a Difference?

The first thing people think about when they think about solar power is the solar panels. But what if we told you that just solar panels alone do not mean having solar power for your property? At Sun Energy we are often asked about inverters, and our reply always centres around the importance of inverters for the optimisation of your solar system.

Solar inverters are essential functions of your solar system, and if yours isn’t providing enough power, or you are wondering how important it is – Sun Energy is here to let you know.


Essentially, your solar inverter is the aspect of the system that turns the sun’s energy, into a power that is applied for use in your home. Solar energy is collected in the panels as an alternating current before it is turned into a direct current for powering your appliances. Depending on how much power is collected by your panels, and what inverter you use, you will be able to convert more or less of the sun’s energy.

The inverter is a small box that is often fixed to the exterior of homes in Australia. This inconspicuous addition looks like a fuse box or a continuous water heater and doesn’t require much space.

Different Inverters

While the more common inverter is the box mentioned above, new technology has meant that new single inverters can be used as well. Called micro inverters, these individual inverters are placed on the underside of each panel. By doing this, optimisation is increased as more power is converted instantaneously from each panel. The downside to this application is that microinverters are more expensive. However, it does allow you to make a greater contribution to solar power. Microinverters can lead to further savings in the years to come.

The Powerhouse

It’s easy to forget, but your solar inverters are the sole reason you can use the sun’s energy in your home. With Sun Energy, we can assist you in designing a system that incorporates an inverter that is perfect for the roof space you have, and the amount of power you use. There are many different inverters out there, however, at Sun Energy we only offer products that we believe to be the very best, and find that our customers are satisfied with the products.

If you still aren’t sure what role a solar inverter plays in your solar system, Sun Energy can help. We pride ourselves on educating our clients about what products work best for their application. During the design phase, we can show you exactly what your system will look like before it is installed, and help you determine a place for your inverter that is easily accessible but out of the way. For a quote or more information about which solar inverters we offer, contact Sun Energy today!