Are there different solar power rebates I can access?

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Solar Power Rebates

Making the switch to solar power is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only is it ecologically friendly, but there are numerous financial benefits available through solar power rebates. Many prospective solar enthusiasts may be unaware that they could be entitled to some kind of rebate for a solar power system. There are a couple of different options available that may benefit you in some way or another. The following are the kinds of solar power rebates you might be entitled to.

Feed-in Tariffs

Depending on your electricity retailer, you might be eligible for a retailer feed-in tariff for your solar system. This works by calculating how much excess power generated by your system is going back into the grid. Your retailer may reward you for this, with some rebates estimated to be around six cents per kW. This is taken off of your electricity bill, and therefore becomes a tangible saving in your quarterly utility bills, especially considering that your electricity bill will be minimised with a solar power system. The rates vary, with some customers receiving up to 22 cents. However, it is all dependant on your chosen retailer and location within Australia.

Formally, there was a government feed-in scheme for those who implemented solar systems before 2011. This was introduced to boost the country’s renewable energy use leading up to 2020. However, although this isn’t available, since the implementation of the scheme the price of solar systems has dropped significantly. This means that with the retailer tariff, and the low cost of the system, the owner will still reap the financial benefits of solar power.


Renewable energy certificates (or RECS) is a Government incentive implemented by Kevin Rudd to encourage people to switch to a green energy source. It works by you essentially selling a portion of the solar energy you put back into your grid for homeowners who do not have a fully functioning solar system. Basically, you sell this service, and in many cases, the compensation you receive covers a large portion of the upfront price of the solar system (1000 dollars in some cases).

The number of certificates you might be entitled to differs depending on location, system size and power consumption. However, many homeowners who have implemented a solar power system are unaware that they may be entitled to this rebate. So, the best way to determine if you are, or how many certificates you can receive, is to visit the government REC registry and apply.

People can in some cases be deterred by the financial commitment of solar power, however, with these options available you can reap the benefits you so deserve by adding a solar power system. To find out more, or organise a solar finance plan, give the experienced team at SunEnergy a call, or request a quote online.