Does my roof need to face a certain direction for optimum solar power generation?

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Optimum Direction for Solar Power Generation

Let’s be honest; Solar panels may not be the most attractive asset to your home. Yet, the overwhelming positives of solar power are making this system the best choice for homeowners wanting to switch to a clean energy source. When you are personally considering adding solar panels to the roof of your home, before you proceed, you want to know just whereabouts they will be fixed. This comes down to optimisation, and which direction provides the most sunlight for your location. Understanding which direction will best suit your needs gives you an idea as to what your home might look like, and how much energy you will receive as a result.



There is no ‘true’ direction to face your solar panels. However, there are ways to determine which direction is optimal for your given location. Data available through the Bureau of Meteorology will help you determine the best way to fit your solar panels. Doing this in advance might give you some idea as to what your home may look like with solar panels – whether they will be facing the street or the backyard. Sun exposure will also affect the size of your system. By researching the solar data for your area, you can assess the functionality of your home with a solar system.



Although there may be a preferred direction for sun optimisation, it is vital to consider the possibility of this application. There are many things that affect whether an installation on a particular surface is possible. This could be heritage restrictions that require the roof to be maintained as it is. If this is the direction that is preferable for exposure, you may have to consider a second direction. Similarly, what may be regarded as the best direction for your solar, might be hindered in your position due to shading from trees and more significant buildings. These variables are not echoed in the data, and therefore you must consult a professional to aid in the optimisation of solar power generation at your home.



Ultimately, once you have garnered a general understanding regarding optimisation through data and the composition of your home, contact a professional to help make the decision. A consultation with the solar experts at SunEnergy will provide you with the information you need about positioning in Adelaide. From years of experience with solar power in Australia, SunEnergy know exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Once a decision is made about where the panels would be mounted for premium sun exposure, the SunEnergy team can use ‘mapping’ technology to show you what your roof will look like with brand new panels. Visualisation will help you decide whether this option works for you.

For the perfect optimisation, every city is different, but there are resources out there that will help you determine which orientation works for your home and system. To organise a consultation, contact SunEnergy!