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GoodWe EV Chargers

GoodWe EV Chargers

The GoodWe HCA EV Charger enables homeowners to utilise energy from their rooftop PV systems to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

By pairing the EV Charger with PV and energy storage systems, EVs can be fully charged with free, renewable solar energy.

Additionally, the SEMS monitoring platform integrates with the EV Charger and PV system, allowing homeowners to manage, observe, and regulate EV charging from anywhere, all via a single app. The compact and lightweight design makes installation and upkeep simple.

Take the next step towards sustainable and intelligent EV charging. Experience efficient and cost-effective charging while contributing to a greener future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Charge Point is a location that has EV chargers.

These are often located near petrol stations, fast food outlets, retail locations, public restrooms and main highways.

We only work with the most trusted brands and select them based on their quality, reliability, warranty, company profile, customer feedback, installer feedback, and after-sales service. Rest assured, the EV Chargers we install are among the best you can find in Australia.

Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons to get a solar system, an EV and an EV Charger. Essentially the solar system provides the energy for the EV Charger, then this energy charges the battery in the Electric Vehicle. As long as their is enough dedicated energy being produced at that time, there should be little to no power drawn from grid supplied energy for whilst charging.

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