Frequently Asked Questions

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SunEnergy can give you all the information you need to make the best decision about your new Solar Power System. We offer a choice packages, designed and priced to suit every budget and empower every Australian home.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is radiant energy emitted by the sun. Installing a Solar Power System, consisting of Solar Panels and an inverter, let’s you harness this energy, and use it to generate the power you need to run your home.

What is 'Pay As You Save'?


Simply, your bill will reduce from day one, using solar power from the sun and selling your excess power to your retailer.

Tailored solution

A SunEnergy Solar Consultant will work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system for your family and home.

Finance qualification

Our friendly financial consultants will check your eligibility and establish a finance repayment plan that’s comfortably affordable for your household.


Highly experienced, certified and accredited Clean Energy Council technicians will install your system with care and precision. Then, they’ll take time to run you through the basics of the system and answer any questions.

You start saving

Our $0 deposit Pay As You Save (PAYS) finance solution is the reason many Australians can finally afford solar.

The 'Pay As You Save' program sounds great...what's the catch?

That’s just it…there isn’t one! We are completely unique to other solar companies in that we create a custom, affordable solution to the rising electricity crisis. We take what you are already losing financially every single month on electricity bills and redirect that cost into putting an asset on your home. This saves you money from day one and is entirely your own. No hidden fees. No Balloon payments. Its that simple.

How do you calculate the savings I will make?

We take a variety of factors into consideration. This looks a lot like this,

Your proposed SunEnergy solar system daily generation of electricity

Household appliances during the day and night
Unused electricity sold back to the grid from your solar system

= your estimated savings

Does the system come with a battery?

Our solar systems are designed to give you best performance without the need for a battery. What this means that is during the day, solar power is supplying your domestic appliances in your home. The electricity that doesn’t get used is then sold back to the grid, which you then receive back as ‘credits’. These ‘credits’ are then used to offset the power of your home during the evening.

Do I pay my power bill through SunEnergy?

From day one you are already making savings on your bills. The bills you receive will still be from your choice of utility provider and from SunEnergy. The only difference is the money you will be saving on your utility bills will be offset against the cost of the solar which is an asset for your home. Once you have paid off the system with SunEnergy, you save even more money in the future!

I'd rather not be on a direct debit, can I pay up front?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to pay how you like either ‘up front’, or with ‘$0 deposit fortnightly payment’ for the term of your agreement.

How is Solar good for the World?

You’ll be using clean, free electricity from the sun… all year-round (Solar panels work on light, not heat, so power will continue to be generated, even in the coldest months of Winter)

How does Solar cut carbon emission?

Your Solar Power System will produce no harmful carbon emissions or waste (so you will reduce your ‘carbon footprint’). Get this: A Solar Power System can reduce approximately 8.5 tons of CO2 per household, per year. That’s equal to taking 3 cars off the road.

What power would my Solar system need?

Your system needs no fuel, which means the world can rely on a little bit less fossil fuels.

What is the difference between an 'optimised and a 'string' system

An ‘optimised’ system is the most popular system we install. It uses the latest technology maximising the solar output of each cell available. The benefit of an ‘optimised’ system is that it has a state of the art monitoring system showing the performance of each individual solar panel. Whereas a ‘string’ system has the solar panels all operating as a ‘row’. This is established technology that has been used by Australians for years.

How will Solar save me money?

From day one, your energy bills will be lower. You’ll get paid for any energy you don’t use (as it gets fed back into the grid). And, having solar will increase the value of your property.

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