How do I Find a Solar Company I Can Trust

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Finding a Solar Company You Can Trust

Making any alteration to your property requires a trustworthy commitment. Solar is no different, and at Sun Energy we believe that we are the perfect solar company for you to make your commitment to. If you are looking to make the much-needed pledge to solar power, there are many reasons that you should look no further than Sun Energy.

For the best service, products and expert advice in the Australian solar industry, call Sun Energy today to organise a consultation and quote.

Putting you first

At Sun Energy, we put you and your needs first. There are a few ways this is achieved. First of all, solar finance. With our unique solar finance system (called PAYS) you can enjoy the benefits of solar now, and pay later. The finance system was designed especially to ensure that even those without up-front payment can make the switch to solar if they wish.

We also provide online tools such as solar calculators, that can help you determine exactly how you will benefit from solar. The calculator, along with mock-up design templates, will ensure that you know everything there is to know about your system before installation begins.


At Sun Energy, our clients are continuously satisfied with our products. Only using tier one manufacturers is the way that we ensure all of the products we install on properties are the very best on the market. Using high-quality products ensures that they will last for years to come and that they will also generate as much power as possible. This means that when it comes to saving on your power bills, you will have the best chance with Sun Energy! Not only do we supply the best in panels, but other high-quality solar components such as batteries and inverters are also available.


If trust is what you want, Sun Energy has the greatest knowledge in Australian solar there is. This comes from years of combined expert experience, and a passion for renewable energy. You can be the benefactor of this knowledge with the ongoing service we offer such as SunCare. This detailed monitoring and cleaning is a great way to ensure that you are guided through your solar journey for years to come.

If you are looking for a solar company you can trust look no further. Your experience with Sun Energy will be a pleasant one, and our love for solar power means that we can help you and answer any solar-related questions you may have. Call Sun Energy today!