Four questions to ask when considering installing a solar power system in Queensland

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If you’re following the trend and considering adding a solar system to your home in Queensland, you probably have a lot of questions. Fear not! This process shouldn’t be overwhelming, and at SunEnergy, we have dealt with so many different clients, we know the four most common questions you should ask of your solar retailer in the early stages.


If you ask the following during your consultation phase, you will be able to make a definitive decision as to whether solar power in Queensland is a good fit for you.


Property location

In theory, a solar power system can work for anyone. However, there are certain considerations you should make regarding the position and location of your home. Your roof may not be suited for solar panels for a number of reasons, and the position of your home may prevent optimum exposure to the sun.


It can be difficult to know whether you are in a position that prevents solar from working at its full capability. If you are in the consultation process with the experts at SunEnergy, they will be able to survey your property and let you know what works for your specific location and what doesn’t.


Will I save money

There is a lot of talk out there regarding the potential savings you can incur with solar power, and that can definitely be the case. However the specifics differ, and the size of your system, the power rates at the time, and the optimisation you might be subject to will contribute to your personal savings.


Once again the best way to determine how your home differs from others in terms of savings is to ask the professionals. They will know all of the variables and take everything into consideration.


Battery systems

The traditional solar power system is basically comprised of solar panels and an inverter. However, it is worth asking about battery systems. Solar battery systems can be used to provide your particular home or business with a failsafe and an option to use solar power even when the sun is down. The SunEnergy professionals know all about the different kinds of solar batteries out there, and if this is something you would consider, they can definitely help you make the decision.



Finally, if you are still considering adding this system in the near future, you should ask about any solar finance options that are available. At SunEnergy, the pay as you save program (PAYS) could be the answer to any financial queries or reservations you may have. Being able to avoid the upfront price of the solar system could be the way to get your Queensland home using solar without breaking the bank.


If you ask these four questions to one of the SunEnergy experts, they will be able to provide you with a personalised solar option that suits you on all fronts. At SunEnergy, the team love to answer these questions and helping the public better understand solar power, so give them a call today!