What government solar rebates can I get in Adelaide

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Have you decided to switch to solar power? Are you looking for any financial compensation you may be entitled to? Are you in Adelaide? Never fear, because there are a series of different government and retailer rebates out there that may apply to your situation. Switching to solar in Adelaide should be rewarded, as it is a step in the direction of preserving fossil fuels with a clean and renewable energy source, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the government.

Solar in Adelaide

In Adelaide, you may be entitled to a series of different rebates, all designed to reduce your outstanding electricity bills, and give more clean power to the rest of the state. These can ease the transition to solar by decreasing upfront costs and ongoing bills.


Feed-In Tariffs

Tariffs work by paying a small amount for the power that your renewable energy system (wind, hydro or solar) puts back into the grid. Formally, there was a government feed-in tariff for solar systems implemented before 2011, and this was designed to help Australia achieve a renewable energy goal by 2020. However, if you are new to solar power, you can still get a feed-in tariff rebate.


A retailer feed-in tariff is readily available to South Australians. The price varies depending on the company you go with, but commonly, you can receive a rebate of six cents per kilowatt per hour that is put back into the grid. Your power supplier, through monitoring, can take this off of your energy bill, which will already be reduced due to your new Adelaide solar system. Some retailers offer up to 22 cents per kilowatt per hour, so the more power your system produces and the more efficient you are with your energy consumption, the more you will save!



Small-scale technology certificates (STC) are a kind of virtual currency you can accumulate through renewable energy systems like hydro, wind and in this case, solar. How it works is you register your system, and dependant on your location, supplier and system size, you are allocated a certain number of certificates.


Commonly, these certificates are assigned back to the solar retailer for a discount on the upfront cost of the system. This is done at the beginning of the process so that the homeowner can enjoy the financial gains in the initial stages of their solar journey.


In Adelaide, you can receive solar rebates for your contribution to the country’s renewable energy goal. Although rebates differ based on a number of factors, the two different schemes listed above are a great way to incentivise homeowners to join the Adelaide solar energy team.


If you think solar in Adelaide might be the journey for you, give the team at SunEnergy a call or request a free quote online!