What happens after I install solar panels on my home?

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With an influx of Australians converting to solar, it is easy to get excited about the sun’s energy. However, home and business owners on the fence can be overwhelmed by all the information available. At Sun Energy, we like to tell inquiring Australians everything there is to know about what to do with solar panels after they are installed.

Once installed, solar panels are a relatively stress free source of power. If you are looking to sit back and enjoy the sun’s energy as a power source, there is no need to stress about the ongoing commitment!



If you think that you will need to constantly replace your solar panels, and therefore the entire application isn’t worth it, you’d be wrong! Primarily, the best thing about solar panels is that they will last for years. Tier one manufacturers produce panels that can last for an excess of 25 years, which means for resale value and an ongoing commitment to sustainable energy, solar panels are a fantastic solution. Often, the warranties reflect this longevity, and if you purchase a quality product, you can expect to be covered for an extended period.


Battery Storage

When you install a solar system you may choose to incorporate a solar battery system. The solar battery system will allow you to charge the batteries with solar power for use when the sun isn’t in direct contact with the panels. This is another long-term benefit of solar, and one that requires little to no maintenance in the future. Battery storage also results in further savings throughout your Australian solar journey, as you will need to spend less on electricity.



An ongoing part of your solar commitment, should you do so with Sun Energy, is a SunCare package. SunCare is a monitoring package that allows our team to gather information about the performance of your solar panels. This will highlight if there are any issues with your system, meaning that you don’t have to constantly check electricity bills to determine whether your panels are working at full efficiency. This entire process is handled by our team.


Maintenance & Care

One of the only considerations you will have to make about your solar panels once they have been installed is employing semi-regular maintenance and care. Solar panel cleaning is vital to the overall performance of your system. Depending on where you are in Australia, the regularity of this cleaning will differ.

Once your solar system is installed, there is very little that needs to happen for the years following for you to enjoy the benefits of the system. With the help of Sun Energy, your Australian property can utilise solar power at its full efficiency for years to come. For more information about warranties and SunCare, call Sun Energy today.