How long do solar panels take to install?

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Like any decision regarding significant changes to your home or business, time is always a factor. Solar is no different, and if you have made the informed decision to switch to solar, you may be concerned about how long the installation process will take. In short – it won’t take long. However, this process is different for each home and requirements. So, there are a few things you can consider that will affect the duration of this process.


Roof Type

The different types of roofing materials affect how easy it is to fix the individual panels. For example, corrugated iron roofing is incredibly simple to fix to, as the brackets can be attached to the roof battens with ease. However, the process can take longer with materials such as terracotta roof tiles that have to be individually removed and replaced with care.

Some older commercial buildings have concrete roofing, which takes more time to fix the panels to due to the density and strength of the material. Concrete is more difficult to penetrate, and takes longer compared to roofing with a thinner composition, but can be completed all the same.



Although you have booked a certain day for the installation of your new solar panels, there are various uncontrollable factors that can stop this process, mainly weather. In harsher weather conditions, it is incredibly dangerous to install solar panels, especially in the wind and rain. Therefore, weather conditions have to be suitable to ensure the safety of the installers. If a string of bad weather delays your installation, the process can take much longer than initially expected and planned for.

By being selective about the time of year you get your new solar panels installed, you may be able to avoid incidents like this.



On the majority of regular suburban roofs, access is no issue, and the installers can get up and down with content as well as move the panels safely. However, some commercial buildings and townhouses are significantly harder to access. Although this isn’t going to prevent the entire process, it will slow down the procedure.

If there is minimal access to your roof, you may want to allow more time for the installation process.



To get the most efficient installation, you can learn as much as possible from the professionals before the beginning of the process. With companies like SunEnergy, you can request a quote. This will begin the procedure, and during the consultation phase, the experienced professional will be able to make an informed assumption as to how long the process will take considering the size of the project and the shape and location of the building.


Generally, the installation of solar panels for a regular home can be done within the same day. They have a simple fixing system that can be completed efficiently. However, certain things can delay the process. By requesting a quote from SunEnergy, you will be able to utilise the company’s industry expertise and receive efficient and organised service.