How many solar panels can I install on my roof?

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How Many Solar Panels Should I Install on my Home

Installing solar panels is relatively easy, and can be done within a day or so in most cases. However, it isn’t the same for everyone, as different energy requirements, positioning and building types will require more or less solar panels to produce a preferred amount of solar power. It is easy to picture a side of your roof covered in panels, but you might not know exactly how many you will need. The following are some of the aspects that will affect the amount of panels you will need if you are thinking of implementing a solar system.



It can be unavoidable, but some homes are subject to excessive shade based on their location. Whether it is tree cover or large buildings that restrict light during hours that would otherwise be filled with sunlight, your system requirements may change. Commonly, if this is the case, to get the preferable power from your system, you will need more panels to collect what sunlight there is before delivering it to the inverter. Although this may be deterring, the price of panels has dropped significantly in recent years, and this does not affect the inverter requirements.



There are optimum directions for sun exposure, yet these directions are not always achievable based on the structure of the home. This could be due to heritage restrictions, where old roof tiles cannot be obstructed, as they must be preserved in their original state. Similarly, the build of the house can also affect which side the panels will be best suited. For example, if there isn’t a gabled or flat roofing system that faces the right way, you will not be able to correctly fix the panels. If you cannot place the panels on the preferred side of your home, (North in South Australia), you may need more panels in a different direction to make up the light and energy deficit.



The best way to determine the exact amount of panels you will need is during the consultative process. The experienced professionals at SunEnergy will be able to tell you exactly how many panels you will need to get the most energy possible. This also comes with a visualisation aspect, after all, you want to know just how your home will look covered in solar panels! The SunEnergy team will ensure that you can visualise the new aesthetic of your home through mapping programs and plans. This will also help you understand the solar production process, and how the light from the sun will be transfer into power for your home.

To get the best gauge on how many solar panels will suit your particular home, give the professionals at SunEnergy a call, or request a quote online. The team will make sure you are getting the most the sun can offer, and also the best value for money with your solar power.