What information should I look for when researching the best solar company?

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So you have decided to implement a solar power system, Good, now you have to pick the perfect company to help you through this process. There are so many companies out there specialising in solar installation or manufacture, so it is hard to know what kind of professionals you should enter into business with. There are a few things to look out for that will help you choose which company is best for your solar journey.

Professional Experience in Solar Power

The company doesn’t need to be years old because as we know, new companies are popping up every day. However, it is important to inquire about experience within the industry. It is essential that the company you are working with has had experience in the solar industry, whether it is in installation, manufacturing or sales (preferably a combination of these). Companies like SunEnergy have over 30 years of professional experience with solar power, so you can rest assured knowing that the business handing your installation has encountered numerous situations similar to your own.


It’s important that the company you are researching isn’t only passionate about customer experience, but also passionate about the environment. Solar energy’s increasing popularity comes from both the financial stability it provides and its clean and renewable nature. Finding a company that is passionate about the generation of solar power will mean that they will have unparalleled knowledge regarding efficiency, optimisation and the best products.


Along with experience, it is vital that the solar company you are researching has all of the necessary accreditations. Companies like SunEnergy are members of the Clean Energy Council. Being involved with organisations such as this will mean that the company engages with other businesses, and is up to date with all of the technological and theoretical advancements in solar energy. Customers like yourself will be the benefactor of this membership, and you can ensure that the company installing your solar energy system is up to date on all of the industry knowledge available.

Manufacturing Knowledge

It is one thing to know about the solar power system, but to know about the individual products will help you greater understand the intricacies of solar power. If the company you are considering sells products from a distributor or a small range of manufacturers, you may not be exposed to the best options available for your specific circumstances. If a company like SunEnergy is handling this installation, their knowledge of the manufacturing process will be exhibited in the quality of the products they offer. You will be able to understand how the panels and inverter are designed, and precisely what role they play in bring power to your home. This greater understanding will ensure your system is the most efficient available.

If you look out for these characteristics when researching a potential solar power company, you will find a business that is right for you. If you are looking for someone who ticks all of these boxes, give the team at SunEnergy a call.