How do I know what direction to install solar panels in?

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What Do I Need To Know About Solar Panel Direction?

It is easy to picture your roof with the addition of solar panels, and when people are considering solar, that’s what the do first! However, at Sun Energy, we find that Australian property owners often forget to consider that for optimisation purposes, solar panels need to face a particular direction. Which way depends on a few variables, but at Sun Energy, we know Australian solar, and can do our very best to make sure you are getting the most of the sun’s energy.

If you don’t know what’s so important about solar panel direction, there are a few things to consider before you take the leap into solar power.


The direction that the solar panels will face for optimisation differs dramatically depending on which part of Australia you are in. This means that it could be west in Perth, and south in Brisbane. There are very specific directions that can be determined by Sun Energy, once you provide a street address. Similarly, the Bureau of Meteorology has access to data which determines which direction best suits a particular location. While there may be a prefered direction, some are better than others, and you can still enjoy solar power if the optimal location isn’t available.


Put simply, facing your solar panels in an optimal direction means that you expose them to the most direct sunlight possible. This is called optimisation; it is the way that you get the very most out of your solar system. By getting the most sunlight, you get the most power, and therefore you receive more significant reduction in your power bills. The optimisation is an important part of designing a solar system, and with an ideal direction in mind, the professionals at Sun Energy can create digital plans and drawings that will show the owner exactly what their property will look like with solar panels.


At Sun Energy, we find that there are often spacial restrictions affecting the position of installation for solar panels, and while a certain direction might suit your location, it might not be possible due to a few different things. Large trees, smaller roofs and limited space mean that implementing a solar panel network can be difficult. If this is the case, you may have to place your solar panels facing a different direction to receive sunlight.

For all of the necessary information regarding optimisation and solar panel direction in your part of the country, speak to one of the Sun Energy professionals. We can come to your property and help you determine a course of action that suits your home’s position, and your own personal solar goals. Call Sun Energy today!