How to make sense out of solar batteries

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In South Australia, there has been a lot of talk recently about batteries. Whether they are the world’s largest batteries or small household solar batteries for personal use, it is important for the residents of Adelaide to understand what they do.


Solar batteries are a relatively new technology that Sun Energy is excited about! These systems can help you use solar power for longer, and provide a fail-safe during blackouts if need be! If you want to know a bit more about this handy addition to your Adelaide home or business, we have you covered.


Save excess solar power

In a traditional Adelaide solar system, any excess power your panels generate that isn’t used is fed back into the local grid (sometimes for a rebate). With batteries, this extra power is stored in a solar battery system. You can then use this power whenever you need, allowing you to use the sun’s energy for longer then you would with a regular solar system.


Commonly, a regular Adelaide home will need at least a 5kw system to generate enough power for charging solar batteries. However, this size is a common addition to a medium-sized home.


Use the sun at night

A primary function of a solar system is to give you the opportunity to use solar energy during the evening. Rather than retrieving power from the grid (contributing to your electricity bills) you can use the reserve power to use your appliances at night. While this can last for a long time or a short period depending on your system and battery size, it will result in a decreased electricity bill to some degree.


For businesses, this can help with running costs, especially if your business runs during the evening hours but you still wish to use solar power.


A range of sizes and storages

Solar batteries come a vast range of different sizes and prices. Obviously, the more you spend and the biggest the battery system is and therefore the larger output it will have. Depending on your use, and whether you want batteries as a backup or for everyday evening use, the battery size you need will differ. At Sun Energy can help you find a solar battery that suits your needs. With a vast range of products available, we have the knowledge to determine which makes and models are best for your particular use.


Solar batteries are a new feature that can complement your existing solar system, or be a part of your brand new system. To ask more questions about solar batteries, or to have a look at what products we offer Adelaide residents, visit our website today.