Why are so many building owners in Brisbane choosing commercial solar systems?

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Wandering through Brisbane’s CBD, you won’t have to go very far before you start to notice solar panels on commercial buildings. Whether a building is big or small, solar power knows minimal boundaries and can be utilised by an array of industries. If you are a business owner, and you’re asking yourself, why are so many building owners using solar? At Sun Energy, we have the answer for you!


There are a few reasons why this option is becoming more popular, but to sum it up, commercial solar power in Brisbane is financially and environmentally beneficial to all involved.


Return On Investment

Let’s be honest, energy prices in Australia can be exorbitant, particularly in large apartment buildings or businesses. One of the best ways to minimise these utility bills is to implement a solar system. Business owners in the hospitality or manufacturing industry use a lot of power during the daylight hours, so why not capitalise on that beautiful Brisbane sun to help with this task?


At Sun Energy, we believe that the satisfied business owners who have converted to solar power have done so for this reason. With the large sums, they are saving from energy bills, particularly by operating business during the daylight hours. This way, solar is allowing them to recoup the upfront price of a solar system over time.



These building owners have also found it much easier to convert to commercial solar systems with solar finance. At Sun Energy, the available pay as you save (PAYS) program is allowing business owners to reap these savings without any upfront cost. With systems like this, these building owners don’t need to dig deep into their pockets just to implement a solar system. In the initial stages, your savings from the energy bills can be used in a personalised plan to pay off the entire solar system.


In commercial sectors, Sun Energy have seen entire solar systems paid off in as little as two years. This means that all of the building owners with solar systems in Brisbane has been able to reap the savings relatively fast.


Clean Energy

The final reason building owners are making the switch, is to just do their part for the environment. We know that the world is looking toward renewable energy as the answer for depleting fossil fuels, and solar power is one of these answers. There are a multitude of environmentally conscious real estate owners who have converted to solar, just because of its fantastic environmentally capabilities.

In the future, you can expect to see a lot more commercial solar systems on buildings. As the building owners and landlords look toward the future of their investments, solar will continue to situate itself as a financial and environmental benefit.


To ask about commercial solar systems, and even use a calculator to determine approximate savings, get in contact with the experienced commercial solar team at Sun Energy in Brisbane.