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Sun Energy Has Made Maximising Your Solar Power Easy.


The result of solar power’s rising popularity in Perth, and globally, is a long list of companies willing to sell you solar systems at a reasonable price. It can be difficult to navigate, but the best way to maximise your solar value and experience is to use a respected Australian company like Sun Energy.

Sun Energy goes beyond the conventions of regular solar assistance, offering huge packages with added services and only the best qualities. If you are a Perth resident navigating the sea of solar power companies and products, look no further than Sun Energy.


What separates us from the competition is the extensive solar power packages we offer to clients. Aside from the standard solar panel and inverter combination, we also provide our Perth customers with solar battery systems. The battery systems allow solar power users to use more of the power by accessing a charged battery during the evening hours. This will further save you money and allow you to use the power for longer.

Similarly, we offer SunCare packages, which are ongoing commitments to the success of your system. We will monitor the performance of your system, and identify and inconsistencies that may be occurring as the result of maintenance, and recommend a course of action.


One of the ways to maximise your solar power with Sun Energy is the diligent consulting phases we undertake at the beginning of the Perth solar journey. Our team members won’t just sell you any system; they will ensure that you end up with the perfect system. Looking at a range of contributing factors including position, budget, and energy consumption, our professionals will be able to make a detailed plan for what solar system best suits you.

This consultation and planning will ensure that the system you end up with is specific to your needs and of the highest quality for solar power consumption.

Tier One

Working with Sun Energy throughout your solar power journey in Perth will allow you to access the highest quality solar products on the market. There is low-cost solar power equipment from manufacturers you’ve never heard of, and often, these components don’t last long or are only covered by extremely limited warranties. At Sun Energy we operate with GCL panels, which are Tier One manufacturers of solar products. This puts the products in the top percentile of solar power materials, which ensures quality and efficiency.

The best way to maximise your solar power output is to contact Sun Energy. Our access to Tier One solar manufacturers and our diligent and effective process allow you to get the best value for money and a system that is designed specifically for your needs. If solar power is what you are looking for, call the Perth solar experts today – Sun Energy.