How do I monitor the performance of my solar system?

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Monitoring the Performance of Your Solar System


Installing a solar system is a stress-free and easy process that has enormous benefits for both your bank account and the world around us. However, it is easy to think that once this system is installed, you will have an endless supply of renewable energy for years to come. While at SunEnergy, we can help you get the absolute most out of your solar system, there is one thing you can do to keep track of your system – monitoring.


There are a number of ways to monitor the performance of a solar system. This process is an effective way to make changes and determine if any repairs or alterations need to happen with your solar system.



With SunEnergy, you are able to purchase a SunCare plan that incorporates warranties for the different parts of your system. Part of this package is a monitoring service. With professional performance monitoring, our team will be able to determine any issues or slumps your system may be experiencing.


Often, a sudden decrease in performance can mean issues with panels, and a gradual decrease can mean a buildup of dust on the panels. This professional process can record a series of data that can show additional information regarding power consumption and conversion, as well as optimisation.



Home monitors can be purchased individually. This small system can remotely transfer data to a receiver or even a device such as a phone or a tablet. While the knowledge of what the information means for your system may not be as extensive, you will be able to collect significant data. With a receiver that is placed on the meter board and a wireless hub within your home, these monitors can transfer your solar data to you continuously. These monitors come in a range of prices and systems.


Retailer data

In the majority of cases, your solar retailer (the company who receives your power) will have all of the data regarding your system’s optimisation, output and even your personal power consumption. Some services will provide you with this information for your consideration, while others may charge you for access to this information.


At SunEnergy, we can provide clear and specific advice and analysis of the data we collect. Rather than attempting to determine trends on your own, or chasing your other retailers continuously, we can assist you in this data collection. SunCare will help you determine whether your system is working as well as you wish, and what changes you can make to your power consumption. To organise one of our SunCare packages, give the SunEnergy team a call or visit the SunCare section of our website today!