Finally, a quality Solar storage system that is THE perfect choice for Australians.

SunEnergy are leading the way with innovative Solar storage solutions. As a Samsung and SunGrow Gold Partner, we are very proud to introduce to you the NEW, intelligent Solar management system called the PowCube 4.8. We will show you how you can manage your power consumption and costs through this efficient and easy to install solar battery solution.

Increase your energy independence with the best Battery Storage unit for the Australian market from SunEnergy!

Across Australia, it is quickly becoming less cost-effective to sell Solar power back to the grid for a small return. We have to be energy smart! It is now possible to use all the Solar power that you are generating, this will make a huge difference to your electricity bills.

Day, night, weekdays, weekends…you will no longer have to worry about when you use your Solar power – expensive electricity bills will be a thing of the past.

The energy storage solution you’ve been waiting for, is here!

SunEnergy is famous for trust, quality and affordability.

We empower home owners to have control over their own power costs with quality solar and battery-ready systems at an affordable price, to the benefit of the environment.

Our high performance battery storage solution will bring you better value than anything else currently available.

We’re reinventing energy, see the future and be willing to grasp it!


The PowCube 4.8 is packed with features and benefits, helping you get the best out of your Solar system.

How can the PowCube 4.8 help you?

Use more Solar: Power is stored by the battery and used later in the evening (peak time)

Save more money: Save hundreds of dollars by using solar and battery power instead of purchasing from the electricity retailer

Supply power during interruptions: With the EPS box connected, the system is capable of supplying power in the event of a grid interruption or blackout

Retrofit with existing single-phase connected inverters: Converting a Solar system to a Solar power storage system

Make a better world: CO2 emissions are reduced, helping the environment


Why is the PowCube 4.8 the right choice?

Intelligent system management

Environmentally Aware

Maximises revenue by using more Solar instead of selling back to grid for a low profit

Depth of Discharge (DOD) > 95%:

Local Customer Support

More usable power with high reliability and safety with Samsung cells and SunGrow smart control system

Customisable battery usage scenarios and smart load control

Simple installation and space saving design

More usable power with high reliability and safety with Samsung cells and SunGrow smart control system

Optimised Building Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS) for prolonged battery


BMS cooperating seamlessly with EMS, cutting-edge bidirectional active cell balancing and smart hibernation technology to maintain battery health

Easy one-click firmware updates

No more difficulties with firmware updates (for new features)

SunGrow 5kw Hybrid Inverter

A high quality inverter with all the right features to ensure you get the best from your solar and battery system.

Flexible – for new and existing solar systems.

Reliable – Protection rating at IP65, dust proof and water-proof.

Emergency power supply – off-grid with 300W capacity in battery mode.

Integrated and intelligent – multiple communication options via

Increase your power savings and gain independence with this EXCLUSIVE Solar Storage Solution from SunEnergy!

With $0 up-front, our Solar storage management system is made affordable for everyone, no matter what your finances are like.

Our unique P.A.Y.S – Pay As You Save –Solar and Battery Finance can have you enjoying the benefits of Energy Independence for ZERO $ Upfront and the savings you make from using all of your generated Solar Power can often pay for the battery system without you having to dip into your own pocket!

We’re reinventing energy, see the future and be willing to grasp it!

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