We’re Working On The Ultimate Battery Solution For Australia

First Real Battery Storage Solution for the Australian Consumer and Climate

We believe consumers are being mislead about the value they get from the batteries currently available in the market.

 “What we’ve found is that most people think they want batteries… until they see the price. I’m not anti-battery, batteries are going to be amazing. But right now, from an economic point of view, they do not pay for themselves anywhere in Australia.”
Finn Peacock – SolarQuotes

We’re here to change that! SunEnergy will change the battery market as you know it. We are working on a quality Battery Storage unit manufactured for the tough Australian climate and designed for what Australian households have asked for.

Increase your energy independence with the best Battery Storage unit for the Australian market from SunEnergy!

The energy storage solution you’ve been waiting for.

SunEnergy is famous for trust, quality and affordability.

We empower home owners to have control over their own power costs with quality solar and battery-ready systems at an affordable price, to the benefit of the environment.

Our high performance battery storage solution will bring you better value than anything else currently available.

We’re reinventing energy, see the future and be willing to grasp it!

We want to create the market and not just participate in it, by being deliberately different with a clear focus on making and leading markets.

We apply innovation to all that we do, it’s in our DNA.

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Solar and Battery storage made affordable for everyone, no matter your finances.

Our unique P.A.Y.S – Pay As You Save –Solar and Battery Finance can have you enjoying the benefits of Energy Independence for ZERO $ Upfront and the savings you make from using all of your generated Solar Power can often pay for the battery system without you having to dip into your own pocket!

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