What size solar system should I install on my home?

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There is a lot of language out there relating to wattage and solar system size that might be deterring you from making the switch to solar power. It can be difficult to decipher, but the size of your operating system is crucial for the overall power supply provided to your home. Thinking about the correct size for your solar system will also ensure you are getting the best value for money both upfront, and further down the line.

The required size of a system is subjective. Every house has different requirements when it comes to electricity, but if you are conscious of a few different aspects regarding solar companies, your power consumption and available services, you can make an educated decision as to what system will work best for you.



When deciding the size of your system, you should consider what time you use your most electricity. For most households it’s nighttime when lights are on, cooking is taking place, and everyone is home. By organising your power usage, you can ensure that your system has ample supply for your home. You can set the timing on your appliances to run during the day, when solar power will be used, rather than night where the power will have to come from the grid. However, if this is not a sustainable option for you, there are battery options available.

If you install a battery system, power generated during the day from your solar panels can be stored for later use at night. As solar power is not accumulated during the night, you want a source of solar power that doesn’t have you going back to the grid to receive power (thus giving you a significant energy bill). If you are like most Australians, a 5kw system should be plenty of power to get you through the day. Battery storage also offers you a failsafe, providing a source of power if the grid breaks down and there are rolling blackouts.


Average Size

The average size for a regular home in Australia is a 5kw system. Generally speaking, the average Australian home uses about 16kW a day, and this system will produce about 20kW a day. A 5kw solar system is approximately 20 panels in size and should adequately power an average home throughout the day. However, different homes have different requirements, so it is always best to seek advice from a professional. The last thing you want is to be left in the dark figuratively and literally!



If you are still unsure as to what size will best suit your home and lifestyle, get in contact with a company like SunEnergy. SunEnergy can provide a free quote, and during the consultation phase, they can offer advice as to what size system will best benefit your home. The experts can also find a cost effective option within your budget that still provides the required output for day-to-day living. This knowledge comes from combined expertise after years in the solar industry. All of these factors equate to a customised experience where a professional can design a unique solar plan and structure for your home.


If you need some assistance finding out which size solar system you might need, give the experts at SunEnergy a call.  You can also visit their website to request a quote for free online.