How solar batteries can help my farm production

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Can solar batteries help my Adelaide farm production?

While you may be accustomed to seeing solar panels on the roof of suburban properties and businesses in Adelaide, one of the most financially and environmentally successful applications for solar power is on rural properties. There are a lot of traits concerned with rural Australian properties that make it suitable for solar power.

At Sun Energy, we can help your rural property benefit from solar with the implementation of a large-scale solar system, complemented by solar batteries. With solar finance and expert knowledge at Sun Energy, you can rest assured knowing that your property will have the best products and installation in solar.

Self Sufficient

One of the core reasons that solar batteries complement rural properties is the way it allows your property to be self-sufficient. With solar batteries, you can further utilise the sun’s energy without reliance on the grid. For farms in particular, where the majority of power will be used during the day, solar batteries can be used to power your house in the evening.

If you are looking to curb your farm’s reliance on the grid due to climbing power prices, a solar system with solar batteries can help you increase your savings.


Solar, in general, works for farms due to space. Rather than being restricted by the size of your roof or the surrounding properties, on a rural property, you can place solar panels wherever you want. For optimisation, this is beneficial as you will have no problem facing the panels in the right direction.

Similarly, you can install a greater number panels, allowing you to generate a lot more power from solar. There is no limit to the number of solar panels you can install, leaving you to have ultimate control over what works and what doesn’t. When space is not an issue, you maximum your commitment to solar, and therefore the amount of renewable energy you can run your rural property off.

Large power consumption

Obviously, different rural properties have different purposes. However, the vast majority of farming industries require significant electricity to run the property. With a solar system (and the addition of solar batteries) you can dramatically cut the running costs of your frame. This allows you to save, and invest money in different areas of your farming business. Your farm’s carbon output can be dramatically decreased with solar power, allowing your new conversion to be stable both financially and environmentally.

Solar batteries, along with large-format solar systems, can be extremely beneficial to the longevity and maintenance of your rural property in Australian. At Sun Energy, we cover all property-types and can help you start your solar journey today. If you want to know if solar will help your agricultural business, call Sun Energy today!