How do solar batteries in Brisbane work?

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In Australia, you have probably heard about solar batteries. Whether its big or small, solar batteries are being used by people, who want to switch to solar power exclusively. This device essentially allows you to use solar power for longer.


In Brisbane, solar batteries are a popular choice for homeowners looking to cut down on energy bills. If you are thinking about solar power, you might be wondering if this option works for you.



When your panels receive direct current from the sun, it delivers it to your inverter where it is changed to an alternating current. This is where the sun’s power is converted into the power you use regularly in your home turning on lights and appliances. However, when the sun goes down this is no longer an option. Therefore if you wish to use your power in the evenings, you must source energy from the existing electrical grid.


With solar batteries, while power is not being consumed during the day, the power coming from the inverter is continuously charging the battery. So rather than retrieving power from the grid in the hours without sunlight, the power instead comes from the solar stores from throughout the day. Depending on the size of the battery system and your energy consumption this can operate for sustained periods of time.



If you’re asking yourself why would I bother with batteries? Well, there are a few core benefits that should be considered. First of all is the financial benefit you get in Brisbane. Although you may incur a small upfront cost, a solar battery system will minimise your traditional electricity use and therefore cut down on your utility bills. Like the overall solar system, the upfront price will be recouped over time through the savings on regular bills.


Solar power is also one of the most sustainable and clean energy sources available. For this reason, people are gravitating toward solar power. The reduced carbon emissions and preservation of fossil fuels is paramount in the overall well being of the atmosphere. Sustainable energy use can also have financial gains that can help keep the overall price of the system down.


Solar batteries may be confusing your understanding of solar power, but there are a lot of benefits to this storage system. If you wish to understand more about solar batteries, give the team at SunEnergy a call and ask about this technology. The solar professionals at SunEnergy will be able to design an individual solar system that works best for your unique needs, with or without solar batteries in Brisbane!