How long will a typical solar battery system last?

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The concept of solar batteries in Queensland is relatively new; and with technological advancements like this, it is hard to keep up! At SunEnergy we understand that this new battery technology in Queensland everyone is talking about can confuse the idea of getting solar panels – but in truth, it is actually an excellent option.


Like any addition to your home, time is always a factor, and you want to know that the entire solar system will last for years to come. With solar panels, testing and time has delivered an estimated lifespan of the product, an estimate that is reflected in manufacture and installation warranties. However, batteries have yet to have the significant duration testing as solar panels. At SunEnergy, we believe that an estimation can be made that will help you gauge whether batteries are worth the investment.



Commonly solar panels have installation warranties of around 15 years. Some are significantly longer, for example with a solar system purchased and installed by SunEnergy; the panels have a 25-year performance warranty. This is similar to inverters, which are designed to compete with the lifespan of your panels to ensure that your entire system operates on the same level. This is the result of significant testing processes that have determined how long a system can last before its efficiency begins to deteriorate naturally.


However, the life of batteries isn’t as concrete, as the different size systems last for different periods of time.



There are several factors that contribute to the lifespan of a solar battery in Queensland. Depending on how much electricity a home uses, the battery will undergo a set amount of cycles, which contributes to how long the storage system will endure.


A regular battery system operating size would be around 11.6kw. A rough estimate would suggest that this battery system will last at least ten years. This takes into account the battery system being in operation every day giving a battery over 3,600 cycles during this period. Compared to the rest of the system, the battery system isn’t as financially significant, especially with solar finance systems where you pay as you save. Like many solar components, how well the objects are cared for will also contribute to the endurance of the overall system.


The professionals at SunEnergy know everything there is to know about solar batteries in Queensland. If you are left tongue-tied about what battery size system you need, and how long that system will last, ask the team at SunEnergy for some advice.


At SunEnergy, we think that solar batteries could be a significant part of the future. With an extensive lifespan and amazing financial capabilities, in the long run, these batteries could be the answer to entirely sustainable renewable energy.