Are solar battery systems worth the investment?

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Solar Battery Systems

There is currently a lot of talk around about solar battery storage. With solar power, the option for battery storage system is a common one for many reasons. If you have a functioning solar system or are thinking of adding one, you might be wondering whether solar battery storage systems are worth the investment. A solar battery system works by taking the excess power you generate, and rather than delivering it back into the grid, receiving it and storing it for use during the hours without daylight.

It depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead, however in many cases, homeowners have reaped the benefits of implementing different types of solar battery systems, and have ultimately recouped upfront costs with money saved in bills. Obviously, it is different depending on your lifestyle, electricity needs, and size of the home, however, battery systems are only getting better, and as is their value for money. The following are some of the things you should consider if you are thinking about getting a battery storage system for your solar panels.


One thing that the solarbattery system can provide is security in blackouts. If a blackout occurs, the battery storage will continue to seamlessly deliver power to your home or business. This is an incredibly useful investment for businesses where a blackout will mean a loss of business whether it is from perishable items or lessened factory hours. This is the same with health concerns, where vital equipment requires 24 hours a day power supply. Rather than the unfortunate situation of a blackout leaving you without power for any vital appliances, a solar battery storage system will endure in all situations.

Decreasing prices

The price of battery systems is dropping, much like the price of solar panels themselves. This means that by not having to go to the grid for power, the money you save on energy bills will recoup the price of the storage system quicker, and you will start to save money annually within a relatively short timeframe. This is also relevant to the upfront price of quality batteries. Due to the demand for the battery systems themselves, and the advancements in certain technologies, batteries are becoming more efficient and easier to make.

24hr Power

Commonly, a home would need at least a 5kw solar system to generate enough power for some to go into storage rather than back into the grid. If you have this, you can rest easy knowing that your 24hr power supply will be solely produced through solar, and therefore you would have created an entirely clean and sustainable energy source not using a traditional power supply. Solar battery systems are perfect for houses where less power is used during the day. This excess power can be saved, and when it is dark, and no power is being generated, there will still be ample power supply for the home.

Solar batteries are becoming increasingly more common, and for a large portion of homeowners, have proven to be a good investment. If you are considering adding solar batteries to your system, give SunEnergy a call today.