Solar Finance, Is solar a good investment?

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Solar Finance

There is a lot of information out there detailing the fantastic investment that is solar power – a sustainable energy source that is both environmentally friendly and reliable. Yet, financially, is it a good investment for your future financial well being? Yes, the addition of solar power to your home is, in fact, a great investment, and if you are considering implementing this system to your home, there are a few things you should know about solar finance.


Electricity bills

It is well known that an efficient solar system will save you money in electricity bills. With an efficient system, the amount of money you save from using a clean energy source will recoup the price of the system itself, and eventually lead to significant annual savings.

Regarding solar finance, the insurance of having this system also means that if you have a business, and there is a blackout, you will not suffer the loss of assets that you may with a traditional power source. In hospitality, this could be thousands of dollars worth of food, or if you are manufacturing, the hours of business you could lose with no power. In the commercial sector, this security means solar is a great investment in the longevity of your business.



To combat the initial cost of installing solar power, companies like SunEnergy, have introduced a Pay As You Save (PAYS) program that means you incur no introductory upfront costs. If you make the switch to clean energy, you can use PAYS, to ensure that you are not spending a large sum on an upfront cost.

PAYS is a form of solar finance, and works by creating a payment plan where there is no upfront cost. You then take the amount of money you are saving from not paying high electricity bills and use it to make the monthly payments on your system until it is fully paid off. Generally speaking, some home and business owners are paying off their system in anywhere between three and seven years. So if you can currently pay your electricity bills, you can afford PAYS, and over time these savings will become a profit.



If you are still unsure whether solar will be a good investment for your specific situation and home, there are resources available to help you determine how much you will save per month. SunEnergy offers a calculator where given your location and home size you can get an estimate as to how much you will save monthly by investing in solar. If this isn’t specific enough, you can also enter the amount of the most recent electricity bill and specific location and see how much your savings will be based on the latest electricity rates in your area.

Solar is not just a good investment, but a great one. With the amount saved through electricity, and systems in place to help you make this switch without a significant financial commitment, you can rest assured that with a company like SunEnergy, you will get the best possible result from your new clean energy source.