Solar finance and what it means if you want to install solar in Adelaide

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Through additions like solar finance, the residents of Adelaide have been able to utilise solar power in a matter of weeks after making the decision to switch. Through a payment strategy, anyone can install solar power, and as long as you can currently afford electricity, you will have no problem paying for solar power.


Solar finance is the reason that so many Australians are turning to solar power, and at Sun Energy, our unique solar finance system, PAYS, can help you make this switch. The following are some of the reasons that PAYS is such a great system for the residents of South Australia.


More solar users than ever.

Through solar finance, we have seen an enormous amount of Adelaide residents making the switch to solar power. Everybody knows the benefits of solar power, and one of the most prohibitive aspects of solar is the price of the system and installation. With solar finance, this is a non-issue. At Sun Energy we believe that for even having the interest in solar power, you should be rewarded. Solar finance is a great way to make dreams come true and give you a system you’ve always wanted.


Solar finance has allowed more and more people to switch to solar than ever before. Rather than counting your pennies, you can make the switch before you have paid a cent.


Use solar now, pay later

Basically, solar finance works by creating a payment plan curated to your specific system size and needs. Once your system is installed, you pay off the panels and inverter in instalments. Based on the amount you stand to save by using electricity, your payments will be affordable. The way the PAYS program is designed means that you will be utilising the sun’s energy and paying off your solar system all without any out-of-pocket expenses.


Individualised plans

At Sun Energy, solar finance means that you have had a unique plan created that will take into consideration your particular needs. Using precision, we will design a system and an accompanying payment scheme that looks at your budget, power consumption and home layout, to ensure you are getting the best possible solar system. This level of cooperation and personal experience is exclusive to Sun Energy, if you want an Adelaide solar company that takes your needs into consideration, you should contact Sun Energy today!


Solar finance systems like Sun Energy’s PAYS are designed to make the installation of solar systems easy for Adelaide residents. This cooperative and stress-free process will have you using the solar power before you’ve spent a dime. Use solar now, and pay later! If you think this is the answer you have been looking for, call Sun Energy today and speak to one of our professionals.