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Four ways to save with Sun Energy

Solar finance options in Australia are allowing home and business owners to save in more ways than one. At Sun

Energy, we have developed a solar finance system that allows Australian property owners to implement solar

systems, and pay them off incrementally.


The solar finance system, called PAYS (pay-as-you-save), is designed for those who wish to capitalise on the

environmental and financial benefits of solar power, but do not have the savings to purchase the system up front.

With PAYS, you pay off your brand new solar system over time, with payments personalised to your system size

and resulting savings. There are four ways that PAYS will help you, and they are all worth getting excited over!

No Upfront Cost

From the start, you will be exposed to one of the most beneficial and unique solar finance systems in Australia. With

PAYS, there will be absolutely no upfront cost to your system. This includes installation and the price of the system

itself. PAYS allows Australians to have a commissioned solar system powering their home long before they even

pay a cent towards it. Opening up a whole market of solar enthusiasts without significant costs, PAYS, can be the

difference between getting solar and not!

Reduce Grid Dependence

Solar finance like PAYS allows you to decrease the amount of energy you are receiving from the grid. By saving

energy, you make a significant contribution to the wellbeing of the atmosphere. Electricity requires the burning of

fossil fuels, which have harmful implications on the environment. Using solar finance options in Australia won’t

just save you financially, but also help you save the environment!

Lower Power Bills

A tangible result that Australians love – PAYS will save you money on bills. By choosing solar, you will decrease

your utility bills dramatically. This is one of the core benefits of PAYS. Your payments on the system will be

calculated based off of your potential savings on bills. Once your system is paid off, you will be free to enjoy a

minimised electricity bill, allowing you more financial freedom than ever before.

No More Stress

Finally, and most importantly, PAYS will help you decrease stress. In Australia, having to constantly consider

exorbitant power bills can be exhausting and detrimental to your well being. By minimising bills, and making a

clean contribution to the wellbeing of our country, you can rest assured knowing you are doing the right thing for

your bank account and the world around you. With PAYS solar finance, this is all possible!

At Sun Energy, our number one priority is helping Australians convert to solar power through solar finance. With

PAYS, you can enjoy the benefits of solar without having to break the bank! For more information about PAYS and

it’s incredible benefits, or to organise a consultation, call Sun Energy today!