What are solar inverters, and do I need one?

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Do I need a solar inverter?

When we think of Australian homes and business using solar power, the first thing that comes to mind is often the large panels covering sections of the roof. So if you go to a solar company and ask about getting solar, and they tell you about solar inverters, you might be a bit perplexed.


At Sun Energy, we like to explain the importance of the solar inverter to our clients and aim to inform them as to why this component is so vital to the overall function of your solar system. The following are some of the things you need to consider if you wish to understand solar inverters fully.


The power source

Basically, they work by taking the sun’s energy and turning into a current that can be used throughout your home. This little box is responsible for everything in your home turning on and functioning as a result of the sun. While the panels collect the alternating current in the panels, it is the inverter that switches it to a power that can actually be used in your home.


Physically, they look like fuse boxes and are installed out of the way, so you barely notice them. The power collected from the panels is fed directly to the inverter for connection, which is then fed into your home for everyday use.


Different Inverters

Solar inverters come in a range of different sizes and prices. There are solar inverters with large outputs and others with smaller capabilities. Depending on your power consumption, and how much of the sun’s energy you would like to convert to power simultaneously, and how many panels you have, you may only need a smaller system.


There are also different kinds. Aside from a traditional inverter, there are microinverters, which are better for optimisation. This series of inverters are placed on the underside of each panel, and therefore more power is received and converted. However, micro inverters are more expensive.



A solar inverter is an absolute necessity for the operation of your solar system and should be researched and studied before purchasing. It is vital that your inverter is suited for your power consumption, and matches your panels in a complementary way. At Sun Energy we have the solar inverter knowledge to make sure the one that you select is perfect for your budget and way of life.


Solar inverters come in so many different makes and models, and even in the single or multiple application for a single property. Australians who are looking into solar must consider their inverter just as much as the panels. At Sun Energy we have the know-how to help you make this decision, so give us a call!