Why solar power makes sense for the environment and your pocket

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In order to do everything we can to preserve Australia’s beautiful landscape, we need to be environmentally conscious. One of the easy, feel-good ways to ensure a positive environmental contribution is being made, is to make the switch to solar power.

At Sun Energy, we are passionate about the environmental and financial benefits of solar power and believe that every single Australian can benefit from solar power in one of these two ways. If you are unsure of how solar can tick all of these boxes and help in so many ways, we are here to let you know!


Decrease carbon emissions

The use of solar power decreases carbon emissions dramatically. The production of traditional electricity requires the burning of fossil fuels which in turn, releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere. These emissions have a range of repercussions on the atmosphere and can be extremely damaging to the ecosystem.

Solar power is a ‘clean’ energy source, which means that it is entirely renewable and releases no harmful emissions whatsoever.


Preserve fossil fuels

Fossil fuels such as oil, coal and other natural resources are depleting. Using solar power means that these minerals will be preserved, decreasing mining which also releases carbon emissions. Solar-power is entirely eco-friendly and can continue to be utilised as long as the sun is in the sky.

Fossil fuels are required for just about everything. From running cars to factories and even manufacturing, so the more we don’t use, the less impact we have on the environment. We also know that the burning of fossil fuels releases the aforementioned carbon emissions, which heats the planet and leaves toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.


Solar Finance

The way that solar power makes sense for your pocket is the lack of upfront cost there can be. With Sun Energy’s pay as you save system you (PAYS), you don’t have to have a huge budget to enjoy solar. You can pay off the system incrementally until you own the entire system. Payments vary but are often no more than what you would be paying on your electricity bills if you had stuck to traditional electricity.


Future savings

With a paid off the system, you can then enjoy the financial benefits of solar. The savings you will incur by reducing your electricity bills (especially in Australia) can be substantial and can be used for a number of other investment or recreational opportunities. Solar is a great way to cut down on the running costs of your property and can end up saving you thousands of dollars over the years.

For financial and environmental benefits, solar power is the Australian solution. For a range of different products and payment plans, Sun Energy can help you start your solar power journey today. For more information call Sun Energy today.